How do Vaporizers Work?

Choosing your perfect vaporizer means appreciating the finer points of how they work

If you enjoy dry herb, then you won’t want to leave any part of the toking experience to chance. You’re selective about your product- only the best, so why not be selective about your vaporizer as well? Herb that’s vaped at the optimal temperature from a high quality device made of premium materials is one of the divine pleasures of life.

But finding the right delivery vehicle for your herbal pleasures means understanding the finer points of vaping. Knowing exactly how vaporizers work puts you in a superior position when it comes to finding the one that suits your personality. The best machine for you depends on you savor your herb or tobacco, and how often.

Thanks to the enticing array of dry herb vaporizers on the market, making a good choice is easy. It’s merely a matter of knowing what you need, combined with a smattering of scientific know-how. Your payoff is a premium toking experience that’s more refined, better for your health, and which suits your lifestyle utterly and completely.

How Vaporizers Work

Regardless of size, whether it’s a vaporizer pen or a plug-in coffee table model, every vaporizer works on the same principle. To put it quite simply, a vaporizer heats dried herb or tobacco just enough so the active ingredients are released in gaseous form.

Vaporization of the most commonly enjoyed dry herb is around 392ºF. Since this is well below the combustion point, vaporizers achieve release of active compounds without the inconvenience of smoke. The result is a clean, fresh taste whose quality surpasses anything emitting from herb or tobacco that’s burned and smoked in the traditional sense.

Health-conscious vapers take satisfaction knowing that vaporizers disseminate only the primary active ingredients, leaving toxins and harmful residue completely out of the picture. Indeed, the toxic gases produced by combustion aren’t a concern at all when you vape.

The resulting smokeless vapor can be enjoyed by inhaling through a tube (direct inhaling) or, if you’re hosting a soiree, directly from a plastic balloon which holds enough vapor for all your guests (stored vapor).

Develop Your Palate with Temperature Control

The central heating element in a dry herb vaporizer should provide a steady heat. After that, you’ll want to see featured precise temperature control, allowing you the benefit of determining your own experience or targeting specific effects.

Vaping aficionados will have the herb temperature guide committed to memory. Vaping at various degrees of heat produces varying degrees of effect. This in turn produces a range of nuances much akin to those tasted by wine enthusiasts. Even if you aren’t sure what your palate will prefer, you’ll quickly develop a “nose” for it as you start appreciating the variety of tastes you’ll get when you play around with vape temps.

Set your dry herb vaporizer to a low 220ºF, for example, and you’ll have a mild, gentle taste perfect for enjoying after work. For weekend imbibing, on the other hand, set your temperature control to 334º and enjoy faster uptake of key ingredients.

A Practical Guide

#1. What Goes In

Most vaporizers can handle ground, dried herb but some take a concentrated paste and others can only take “glycerine”. Usually the “glycerine only” types are vape pens (portable vaporizers). The best dry herb vaporizer is one that takes all three. Called “Multi-functional vaporizers”, these Cadillacs can handle anything you want to vape.

#2. How Heat is Transferred

Vaporizers work either by direct heating or by convection heating (more on that here). For direct heating, you’re placing your product on a metal dish, which is heated up to vaporizing temperature for that particular material. With glycerine-only vape pens, herb or tobacco is dissolved in a base solution and the heating element (called an atomizer in this case) may or may not be integrated into a metal cartridge.

#3. How the Vapor is Delivered

  • Whip-Style Vaporizers. The whip-style vaporizer is so named because of the long tube through which you inhale your vapors. It looks like a whip, and is attached to a cylinder, where the heating element is contained. Whip-style vaporizers are good if you’re just one person or a couple, since you can vaporize just a small amount of tobacco product. Even if you misjudge your capacity for herb vaping, you can save it for later by removing everything and setting it aside to vape later. Probably the most famous whip-style product is the Silver Surfer vaporizer.
  • Balloon Style Vaporizers (Bag Style). A balloon is attached to the tube extruding from the main part of the vaporizer. As the hot air passes over your herbal product, it pushes the vapor into the balloon.
  • Vape pens. Vape pens will typically make use of a metal cartridge or a plastic/glass tank to hold a liquid product (much like an e-cig). They’re powered by a lithium ion battery and as such can go virtually anywhere you do. Convection style vape pens are preferred since the risk of reaching combustion is minimized.

Keep in Mind

If you haven’t yet forayed into purchasing your own dry herb vaporizer, it’s an incredibly opportune time to consider it. By upgrading to vapor you’re entering a world that’s suited to your lifestyle, with health-conscious, sleek, state-of-the art vaporizers that offer up mellow, delicious vapors perfectly tuned to your exquisite tastes. Knowing how they work is only your first step…now go and enjoy the journey!